Willis Asset Management Limited.

ABOUT Willis Asset Management LIMItEd.

Willis Asset Management is at the forefront of creating innovative aircraft and engine solutions and are one of the leading global providers of consultancy and advisory solutions to asset owners, operators, financiers and MROs.

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As the market leader in independent aviation consultancy and asset management services Willis Asset Management focuses upon powering partnerships with airline, lessors, financial institutions, OEMs and MROs around the globe.

Willis Asset Management has been formed from the recent acquisition of the business and assets of Total Engine Support Ltd (TES), the consulting and asset management business of TES Aviation Group.

Willis Asset Management provides independent expert aviation advisory through its experienced consultancy team who draw upon Willis Asset Management’s broad range of intellectual property and over 20 years of operational data for bespoke customer driven engine value added projects.

Through the proven delivery of cost effective technical and commercial management solutions for both operators and asset owners, Willis Asset Management has the capability to deliver professional and independent consultancy and advisory solutions across a broad spectrum of engine and airframe asset classes.

Willis Asset Management currently manages a global asset portfolio of over 700 engines with customers including a large variety of airlines, major lessors, OEMs, MROs and financial institutions.

Willis Asset Management combines years of aviation excellence with unrivalled expertise and possesses a very unique set of competencies. This has enabled the development of a significant portfolio of intellectual property that supports highly specialised and strategic aviation management and consultancy projects as well as ensuring the effective delivery of core services across the wider Willis Platform™ as detailed below.

Willis Lease

Willis Lease Finance Corporation is the leading independent provider of engine and aircraft leasing, trading and asset management and technical services, with over $2 billion in owned aircraft and engines and a total of nearly 800 directly or indirectly owned and managed commercial aircraft and engines. Willis Lease leverages its diverse asset base, capital resource and deep understanding of aviation assets to deliver custom, innovative solutions to airlines, OEMs and MROs located in 75+ countries around the world.

Willis Aero

Willis Aeronautical Services Inc., a subsidiary of Willis Lease Finance Corporation, is a leading supplier of products and services to the global aviation/aerospace industry including material solutions and engine/airframe sales.

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Willis Asset Management is committed to providing the aviation industry with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction, underpinned by a safety first culture.

Willis Asset Management (QMS) establishes the processes and procedures that ensure the delivery of excellence.

Willis Asset Management QMS complies with / certificated to the following international standards:

  • UK CAA 145
  • EASA TCO Part 145
  • 2-REG Part 145
  • FAR 145
  • UK CAA Part M/G
  • EASA TCO Part M/G
  • 2-REG Part M/G
  • AS9100
  • AS9110
  • ISO45001
  • Bermuda Part M/G
  • Cayman Islands Part CAMO
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